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Hey all,
Got a little weekend project going on... Just yesterday I pulled the drivers seat out of the car, ripped it apart, and installed a retrofit heated seat kit. Pretty simple, just two pads that slide under the fabric.

Today I am on to the wiring portion, which is proving to be a little more difficult than I had hoped. All I need is a constant 12v and one that comes on with ignition. I figured I would tap into the cigarette lighter for an ignition source (since that wiring is easy to access) but I am having trouble with the constant source.

To my surprise, the seat heater fuse is actually hot all the time, even though my car didn't come with heated seats. Seems perfect, since I can make use of the fuse now. I would like to splice into the wiring behind the fuse box, but I am having trouble finding which wire would be for the heated seats. I have narrowed it down to the white plug "e", which has 8 pins but 7 hot 12v wires going into the back.
With just this plug connected, there are 8 hot fuses, which are mostly fuses for lighting (brake/fog/trailer/interior lights), with the exception of door locks, wipers, and heated seats.

Has anyone done this kind of thing before and could provide some info? Tried searching around for wiring diagrams, forum posts, videos, etc to no avail. I even tried pulling the fuse box apart to look at the internals but its just a mess in there and I don't want to ruin any part of that.

I attached a pic of the fuse box with the seat heater fuse (17) and a pic of the back, with just the white plug connected.
Also, I am open to alternative solutions if anyone has any. I thought it would be neat to route it into the cars seat heater fuse but if there is a better solution, then I am all ears. Thanks!

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P.S. How-to post on installation of seat heaters will come after this, since I could not find that info anywhere either.
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