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I wrote the check for 27,164.xx out the door in January using supplier pricing & no other bargaining (dealer claims best they can do) for my white 2020 premium. I say white cause I don’t remember if Suby charges for premium colors? like GM...

factory options $352
rear bumper thingy (why this is not standard is beyond all of us)

auto dim/compass/homelink mirror

“all weather” mats (not impressed with coverage)

dealer “add ons” 800-900
per my request my back is shot so installing this stuff in my case ain’t happening. It was 50 bucks more total for the stealership to take it two different places instead of me wasting a day & warranty the remote start for 3 years as opposed to 1 if I took it to other place for install.

Drone remote start (this is the way to go) installed by local accessories place

Curt hitch & Curt wiring installed by local hitch company.

I believe sales tax is 7% in Polk County where stealership is.

Document/because we can Fee 80ish

Iowa registration 400-500ish

One “free” oil change/rotation & a full tank of gas $? ain’t no free lunches in my world

no extended warranty, no pre paid maintenance, no interior protection, etc

paper floor mat placed over detailed shined up floor mats with dusty boot prints on them. Priceless...

If I was you I would avoid using that True Car crAPP or at least read the fine print like I didn’t. They give your phone # to every stealership cars you look at. It took some overly dense sales manger 8 months of leaving voicemails to finally get the hint I wasn’t buying a Challenger from them...

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I am looking at a 2020 Crosstrek Limited with an MSRP of $32,214. The dealer is willing to sell the car for 29,324 plus a doc fee of $389 and NJ tax and DMV fees. This dealer has seven limited models in white with identical options. I have been shopping around and this is the best price I have found and the dealer is fifteen minutes from my house.
Check your PMs.

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Hi all, this is my first time buying a Subaru (and first time buying a car!) and I couldn’t seem to find a forum for 2020 XV buyers like the one from 2019. I am looking to buy a Crosstrek Premium and have gotten the following offer from one dealer through the Costco Auto Buying Program. Would appreciate any input on if this is an acceptable price to be paying (I’m not great at haggling so I’m not expecting the lowest price ever, but just want to make sure I’m not overpaying!). Thanks in advance. (BTW If it matters I’m located near Boston, MA).
  • 2020 Crosstrek Premium CVT Magnetite Gray, Standard Model
  • Dealer additions include body side molding ($292), license plate brackets ($62), rear bumper cover $119
  • Total dealer cost: $24919
  • Suggested list price incl transportation/handling: $25993
  • Selling price: $23,969
  • Out the door price: $26160 including $1528 of taxes and $663 of doc/license fees
I’ve been a little confused by what numbers I should be comparing to see if I got a good deal - the dealer cost price vs. my OTD price? Or vs. my selling price? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
I purchased our 2019 premium from Suburban in Vernon CT in Sept. call Issac, when they tell you their cost less incentives and ask you what you want to pay tell them the lowest number they show you. They still make money, and they gave me a better deal than the shop I’ve purchased from in the past in Northampton
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