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Weekend Getaway!!

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Took a little weekend trip up into the mountains near Allens park, CO. Found some random coordinates online for dispersed camping which took us to some pretty cool areas to explore.

The Pumpkin did great on the trails, except for a couple where it got too steep and I had to repeatedly clutch-kick to get it up. Also encountered some deep snow at elevation that was impassable. Otherwise, we had an awesome time! My girlfriends dog wasn’t a huge fan of the bumpy rides though.

Feel free to share some pics of your Treks killing it out in the wild! I just wanted to share and show some appreciation for the go-anywhere capabilities of these cars.

Tire Sky Car Vehicle Wheel

Tire Wheel Sky Automotive tail & brake light Cloud

My girlfriend has the newest iPhone and dang! They can take some nice pictures.

Plant Tent Tree Dog Wood

Wheel Tire Car Plant Vehicle
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