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I was somewhat surprised to find the rear differential in my '21 is not a T-type differential like the one found in my old '13. After some research it looks like the MT crosstreks changed the from a T-Type to a VA2-Type between the '19 and '20 model years. As far as I can tell the housing is shared with the WRX (but not STI), some Outbacks, Ascents, and the 5MT Impreza all '19 model year or earlier. It is also identical or similar to the the differential housing used in the H6 outbacks (not same part # though).

The VA2-Type seems to be, until recently, a bit of the black sheep of the subaru rear diff family. I can't find a whole lot of information on it. I did find this from the an outback/legacy service manual:

Does anyone know if the internals of the VA2 type are interchangeable with either the VA-Type or the T-type? How about the rear cv axles?

(Guys, I just really like learning about differentials for some reason, don't judge me)

macindigo's reply below shows that this is a VB2-Type differential, which looks similar to a VA2-Type to me. So I guess the above applies, just swap VB3 for VA2.
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