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Two-Year Anniversary With My 21 Sport!

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wow. that was a quick two years! during that time i've done quite a few road trips with my crosstrek and in fact i've just returned from Yosemite National Park, which is on the verge of flooding as it heats up and the 230% snowpack melts

aside from normal maintenance i've had no issues with my car and in fact haven't gotten my first door ding yet! many of you know i previously owned a 2016 premium which i drove for five years and 110k miles. the only issue i had with it was i replaced the AC compressor and a hose at 100k miles

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Congrats! My 3 year anniversary was in March.

great! how many miles?
It鈥檚 fun to look back on all the adventures you can have with these cars. Love how they can go a little farther than your typical daily, but still perform great for just getting around.

I hit three years in December with mine. Got it with 89k and we鈥檙e at 141k now. Lots of adventures.

Awesome video by the way. I can鈥檛 wait to take a trip out there.
the crosstrek is perfect for my lifestyle. most vehicles that are this off-road worthy are a liability on the road where i drive 99% of the time
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It's the Lamin-x film. I just prefer the look of yellow there.
i had yellow on my 2016 and i put amber on my 21 sport. i swear the amber is "less bright" than the yellow. could just be my aging eyes tho :LOL:
I could see that being true. That was actually the other color I was deciding between, and online at least, the amber film appeared a little more opaque than the yellow.
i think i'm going to switch back to yellow and see if i notice a difference. in normal driving it doesn't matter but when i'm way out there i need all the help i can get
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