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Here it is at last.

Well, sort of.

These aren't images of the production car, but they certainly could pass for them. Instead they're the latest renderings of the upcoming 2020 Porsche Taycan.

Shown in motion with stunning high-gloss paint, these images show what the production version will look like without the fake headlights and taillights we've seen in recent spy photos.

More Pictures And Details: THIS is What the Production Porsche Taycan Will Look Like

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I see Porsche still hasn't bothered to hire a design team. A breath of fresh air in the late 70's, they just keep slapping new headlights on a relatively unchanged look.
This past October I was at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and there was a display regarding the controversy around the inclusion of LED technology.
Apparently the Senior Electrical Engineer, Herr Strudelmier, was so upset he retired and waited patiently outside until the Seniorenresidenz shuttle arrived. :icon_lol:

Seriously though, I really don't like Porsches but that is an awesome rendering.

P.S. Best cars in the museum; 959 Paris-Dakar and Austro-Daimler Bergmeister. Even if you don't like the cars, the machinery and history are worth the trip.
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