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I currently have Sirius and the cost is a bit over the top. I have not tried to reduce my cost for the 2 cars yet with Sirius. Is Spotify a good option? I don't have enough experience with Spotify to know what I don't know. How would I use Spotify to replace Sirius? I can probably figure out the mechanics. I have a 21 limited trek, Samsung s22, Android auto. Do I need to hard wire each time I get in the car or is this a bluetooth connection. How does it connect to Spotify? cell towers? So I should have unlimited service? Thanks John
Hey John, after I bought my Xtrek in July I took the Sirius free trial and avoided signing up the outrageous $20 or $25 month charge. But near the end of the trial I get a $4.99 for 12 Month offer. So that rate is out there. Call them and tell them you can’t afford the current reset bu cite this offer ( with tax it’s $6.06/month)
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