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Hi All, after months of planning and reading ALOT of forum posts here and over at SFF and NASIOC I finally wired up my new JDM folding Mirrors with Side View Camera and wired it to the Upper MFD Screen. I'll post as many pics and info as I can and did collect but it may be basic.

Mirror Set from
Mirror Fold Switch
Is it worth the cost?? Yep I love it but depends on your Budget this was total of $1000 AU for mirrors switch and Postage to Australia
The mirrors come with Folding, Turn Signals outer and inner, Puddle Lights, Heaters and Collision Alert wires and features.

ALTHOUGH I did order MY17 WRX mirrors they are SLIGHTLY smaller than Original XV mirrors ..........oooooops
They come with Silver mirror Covers which I prefer now and this seems to be something appearing on the WRX and Levorg in the MY18+ releases
Like Rlouie said here in a previous thread on his Folding Mirror Project the JDMs come in 12 PIN plug Format and you are gonna have to DEPIN them down to the 10 PIN version and retain the original mirror Connector for this ( I could not find new ones Online anywhere) So I had extra wires for SVC and Puddle Lights, Heaters and Collision Alert
12 PIN JDM's

Original 10 PIN with Mirror Adjust wires ( Blue Pink Purple) and Green White for Turn Signals

Mirrors and turn Signals where all Pre Wired and a simple match them to original position


Wiring up the Side View Camera took a bit of work, mainly because I had to guess the wiring pin set up in the MFD based on a few Threads here and on the NASOIC and Forrester Forums on Rear View Camera Set ups....... but got it to work based on the 4 wires on the SVC ( Yellow Brown Red and Black)

Red and Black on the top pins 3-4
Yellow and Brown on the bottom pins 5-6

I can only post 10 pics so I'll sign off here and post a follow up as I have more Pics and info to share

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I must admit threading wires up to the MFD wasn't too hard just a PITA but if you are patient you will be OK. Youtube is amazing for instructions on various trim removal and other info. "Gotta love it" !!!!

Next I wired up the Folding Feature and here THANK the Gods for Factory Pre Wiring YES

Brown and Grey ( just 2 wires for the Fold feature under the Green and White Turn signal wires) NO extra runs of wire for AU market it seems?
Im still yet to wire up my Puddles and the the Heaters I'm a bit confused on this as I read on here and elsewhere that I can tap into Harness up on the A pillar for Puddles (Yellow and Black & Light green or teal? and Black wires for Puddles)
The heaters are dual Black wires (and there is only one spare black wire left after all accounted for)..........on the back of the mirror glass element and Im a bit stumped for now. I read somewhere that these are double Ground???
Pics of SVC working after much wiring and pin Confusion
I will put up with reverse Cam Guide lines instead of that cool WRX side View Guide line.... I'll need to upgrade MFD for that.........hmmmmmmmmm,
also the reverse gear is activating the SVC I'd love to be able to push the Enter Button for extra access like on the WRX

Well I'll post more as I go, I gotta get those Puddles sorted and LATER LATER on Im gonna try the after market Collision Kits from AliXpress and use those Mirror icons
More soon

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Hi, I realise in my original post I mention for the SVC wiring set up in the rear 8 PIN PLUG for the MFD I mentioned Red and black wires on the top and yellow brown on the bottom pins........

That pic is actually flipped, So its red and black on the two bottom right side pins and Yellow and Brown wires for the two top left side pins, I'm an idiot... I'm very sorry!
and to add to the frustration the system on this Forum wont allow me to edit a post and need one of the Mods to do it for me.

So to clarify the pic is the rear view of the MFD and the 8 pin is the empty slot over to the right side viewing the rear of the MFD from the back side.
that label you can see is stuck on upside down at the factory, just to clarity pic orientation. So for the correct operation it should look like this for Side or Front or Rear View Camera (assuming this would all be the same for any camera input)?

I said I have to put up with rear view camera overlay until I get myself a WRX MFD with built in SVC overlays and View/Return Toggle (enter button) this allows for momentary activation of SVC at any time, although the reverse action is ok for the time being. Im about to make it look all profesh with the 8 pin comnectors I bought in from AE.


Im attempting to wire in the Auto Mirror Fold/Close Module I got from AE and is proving difficult as Im not any real Auto Electrician and the destructions are a bit hard to comprehend

more soon
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