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If you’re fond of the outdoor lifestyle, and constantly searching for a way to stay connected to nature no matter where you are, the bright camouflage patterns of our all-new Mossy Oak Elements custom seat covers by Coverking will help you to express this passion and add the right touch to your interior.

They are made from durable Neosupreme fabrics to ensure excellent insulation and maximum comfort to you. The Elements covers are also extremely effective in protecting your seats from occasional things like soda spills or muddy paws.

Coverking® - Mossy Oak™ Elements Custom Seat Covers


  • Featuring genuine Mossy Oak Elements Bluefin, Anemone, Man-O-War, Moray and Sandcrab
  • Made from Neosupreme fabric for insulation and comfort
  • UV treated to resist rotting, mildew and stains
  • Soft cushioned insulation adds to the comfort of your ride
  • Seat Cover Installation Kit Included Free!

    Find out more about the new Coverking Seat Covers at CARiD here.

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Good question...I wondered also.....from their website:

Cover the Seats, don't Hinder the Functionality. Coverking designed Custom Seat Covers to deliver maximum comfort and keep the vehicle seats' features, such as the airbags, seatbelts, and even electric massage, fully functional. It was of vital importance in cover creation process to provide the client with full functionality of the car seats. That's why Coverking's Custom Seat Covers are compatible with seats having integrated airbags, headrest, armrest and console covers. Custom Seat Covers for middle and rear seat rows are also available, offering an option of folding down seat back and a free access to the trunk. Unlike simple cutouts made in other seat covers, the flap prevents wrinkles, preserving the shape of the seat. It is made of the same material as the seat cover to match completely. What makes these Custom Seat Covers distinctive from others is that they can be easily removed along with the seat from the vehicle, remaining on. With the seat cover on, seat backs and bottoms can be moved and adjusted inside the car as well. more details on -
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