Selling a pair of rear reflectors with socket cutouts. Including the bulbs, bulb sockets and p&p wiring harness.
The harness is setup for turn signals, brake and parking lights.

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Hood Automotive design Automotive tire Automotive lighting Electrical wiring

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I followed this video when I did this project a year ago on my 2020 Limited:

Went the extra step and opened the housing to remove any extra plastic that prevented the led bulb from illuminating more of the reflector housing. The reflectors do have blemishes and scratches and you could see excess plastic bonder on one of the reflectors. One of the reflectors appears to have a crack in it but I did not have any issues with water getting in.

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive side marker light Vehicle Automotive lighting
Automotive tail & brake light Car Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood

I will be upgrading to custom made led reflectors made by FoxBeamLighting so I'm ready to let these go.
I am asking for $90 for everything (pair of reflectors with socket cutouts, bulbs, bulb sockets, wiring harness).

FREE shipping to lower 48.

If you want more pictures or have any questions please PM me.