$126 to any Food Bank showing me a receipt that has my initials and this date on the original. Figure you can't sneak another donation you made past me by donating $126. You figure out and pay for transport or I'll drive it to you in the SF Bay Area.

You don't want this hitch. I'm getting rid of it as I have installed a larger Curt 2" hitch. However maybe this 1 1/4" hitch will serve your needs. Got this OEM hitch because of a fundamental laziness on my part, buying the car, the hitch could be installed, the new car is instantly ready to drive...ah well. That, plus the hitch was built into the fabric of Subaru space/time allowing all safety systems on the Crosstrek to be unmolested.

The hitch works perfectly. It fits nicely into the bumper and doesn't reduce ground clearance much. It is built with all crush zones of the Crosstrek maintained. It is quiet and doesn't have any annoying habits like my wife says I have.

So why don't you want it? Ive found the following limitations:
It is 1 1/4" receiver so adapters are needed to tow things or to buy some accessories.
It is bolted to the single recovery point Subaru has dedicated to pull a Subaru if the car has sunk its lengthy Orange proboscis into the snow or the mud. An engineering failure pointed out by me to Subaru Corporate. In fact Subaru Corporate sent me a blanket and the exact cost of the hitch (without ever admitting any failure on their part) so I actually didn't pay anything for it.
It is four years old and has been fed and watered regularly. It is housebroken and has a Subaru pedigree.

Make a donation to a local Food Bank and figure out how I can get the hitch to you at your cost. It is clunky and heavy and has all the hardware that attached it to my car. You get the tax deduction I figure the hitch does something nice for people who need more resources than a trailer hitch.

I can send photos but I'm visiting daughters for Xmas and the OEM hitch is back in Oakland.