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Welcome! I've got a 2019 Limited. Been tracking mileage since I got it with 90% city/10% highway most of the time and ~1000 mile round trip highway 2 to 3 times a year.

Overall mileage is 24.8. Looks like I get 22-23 mpg/fill up normally, and up to 34 mpg/fill up on a road trip.

Looks like normally about 330 miles/fill up when I'm not on a road trip.

Been tracking using fuelly. I keep the computer display in the car set on a screen that shows gas mileage just to impress passengers. It would have me believe I'm getting about 28 mpg all the time.
i do road trips. usually a few thousand miles worth a year (not this year so far). my annual average is between 25-26 mpg

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The only thing I am wondering and it maybe the mileage factor but we've only been getting around 310-340 on a full tank with a mix of 30 city and 70 highway driving.
The EPA range: 481 miles City MPG:27 Highway MPG:33 so something may be amiss. I have an excellent low priced cash mechanic who worked at Flemington Subaru for nearly two decades. He has his own backyard garage with a lift. He is located just West of Geaker's Tacos on Freemansburg Ave (~ 8 miles from Easton in Bethlehem Township). I have been to him four times and he has always been fairly priced and does excellent work. If you send a personal message I can give you his contact information. Address is 3105 Fairview Street. His name is James Toth, and mine is Frank Martin. His personal Subaru RS has almost 270,000 miles.

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... The only thing I am wondering and it maybe the mileage factor but we've only been getting around 310-340 on a full tank with a mix of 30 city and 70 highway driving.
Is this average? or should we been getting better?
It is in no way a nudge down against the car but thought we'd be getting around 420-450 on a tank from the research I was doing before we purchased it.
Thanks for reading 鉁咅煔欚煒 View attachment 315606
The Subaru fuel economy seems to be more affected by cold temps than anything we've had over the years. Significant decrease over summer when it was new.

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so I haven鈥檛 been tracking for very long, but this is what I am averaging. I drive mostly highway and since I started tracking my commute changed from 6 miles per day to 70, so my average is gonna end up around the larger figure. Keep in mind my car has a manual trans so those get worse mileage than the CVT cars, and I also have my HVAC system on Auto, so the A/C is probably on most of the time. YMMV, literally.
What is the app you are using for tracking your fuel?

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Hello all 馃槂 (hope your week is going well :coffee:),
Just a little follow up regarding the MPG and again to reiterate how much fun the Crosstrek is to drive.
So after I did a basic service on her, and by the state of the air filter, sludgy oil and low coolant I kinda knew I would see some kind of improvement even if it was just a little but a little it wasn't, it was amazing.
I have just had my mum and sister visit from London UK and I drove from Langhorne, PA up to Newark airport and back, the MPG was CRAZY GOOD! 馃榿
I did take the I-95 which does have stop lights but on average was very much straight and not much traffic, I had filled up before leaving and rest the trip and MPG counter on the Subaru.
By the end of the round trip the needle was just above the 3/4 full mark and I drove 133 miles.
In the Subaru was my mum, sister, me and my wife with two very large suitcases and two carryon bags (for weight reference)...I just can't believe how great it was.
On the way back the snow fall was a little hard (not like in Calgary) but was very wet and the Crosstrek handled it like a pro..solid and stuck to the road every inch of the way.

I love this car so much even though it really is for my wife.
So i guess the mileage thing is sorted.
Thank you everyone for commenting.. 馃巻馃帀

I'll leave this thread open incase anyone else may need help or can get some tips from it.

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For every used car there is an arse that will sit in it.

I think you posted in the incorrect thread, butt known to be wong.:unsure:

Do you have the seats?
Yep. The driver seat has a little tear about 1 1/2" by the side plastic guard. I said to my wife that I'll take it to the local upholster, hopefully they can get it repaired.

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I dug out the spreadsheet from when I was tracking it when we first got the car. The best city was 21.9 and the worst was 16.9. The Exaggerometer was 9% and 11% optimistic, respectively. For highway, the best was 27.7 and the worst was 27.0, 6% and 10% optimistic. I tracked it for a year and the averages were 23.4 and 12%. It never underreported the fuel efficiency.
Interesting how many owners have found the "exaggerometer" so far off. I tracked my mpg for 5,000 miles. The exaggerometer averaged 0.5mpg higher than my calculated mpg. Not bad at all.
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