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-Tires up to pressure? (34 or so cold). Are the tires bigger than stock size, or more aggressive/heavier?
-any aero drag? Rooftop cargo box?
Cold same zone we run 40 psi

-Easy driving should net you between 400 and 500 miles per tank, if your model year鈥檚 tank capacity is same as current year鈥檚.
Under summer fuel and non-winter conditions. In your points of the eastern US, no warm-ups with idle, slowly roll from address and be easy on the go-pedal. Layoff accessories [heated seats, defrost mode. Drive cold, slow and raw and mange the tyre pressure. Easy at the pedal. Never over 50mph till warm-ups.
..I鈥榤 getting (calculated) 30 when I鈥檓 at 90/10 freeway/city on my 2023 Limited (2.5 engine). Shows more like 31-32 on the display. I drive like an old man though鈥asy starts, no jackrabbiting, and rarely over 72-75 mph.
Start off slower and watch the heater accessories and tyre pressure and the ethanol reduced volatile proponents.

Good luck, and report back
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That's great that the bigger engine had better fuel economy. How does it compare to the car's display?
2021 Limited same specs as MichaelCJ . Bought new late January '22 now has 14,000 miles .

Display reads +1.5 - +1.7 mpg pencil to paper. Summer fuel, easily get 34.5 - 37 mpg [6.0 - 6.5L/100 km] avg 20% city/ 80% hwy.

Winter? Somehow a full +2 mpg generous on display vs pencil to paper. Ethanol here in Upstate, NY 10-15% under guidelines to extend percentages at pumps, 28 - 30 mpg [8.5L/100km 7.8L/100km]. Extreme cold 10掳F - 0掳F as day high, low 20 mpg

Never use the A/C in summer as we apply silver make-up on our vampire faces these parts, and a good cloudy overcast day resembles the true norm. Winter you're just driving in the darkness, with freezing cold winds, or snows, with some sleet and we add ice on the rocks -

we could all work for the post office with that training.

The speed limit here is 65 mph, we keep it mornings around 50 - 55mpg cuz ....
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