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Hi, my wife and I just purchased our first Subaru, and WOW we love it!
We found a used 2018 Crosstrek 50th Anniversary Edition at a car sales in Easton, PA.
It does have brutal mileage of 160k but the car is crazy clean and tidy, flew through an inspection and so far, we've put
around 3k on it with no issues at all and now just about to do an oil change.
The eyesight is amazing (scary at times as it feels really weird letting the car take control) but super great feature on long road trips.
Absolutely comfortable and smooth just like my '89 Caddy (and I love her).

The only thing I am wondering and it maybe the mileage factor but we've only been getting around 310-340 on a full tank with a mix of 30 city and 70 highway driving.
Is this average? or should we been getting better?
It is in no way a nudge down against the car but thought we'd be getting around 420-450 on a tank from the research I was doing before we purchased it.
Thanks for reading ✅🚙😁 View attachment 315606
Welcome! I've got a 2019 Limited. Been tracking mileage since I got it with 90% city/10% highway most of the time and ~1000 mile round trip highway 2 to 3 times a year.

Overall mileage is 24.8. Looks like I get 22-23 mpg/fill up normally, and up to 34 mpg/fill up on a road trip.

Looks like normally about 330 miles/fill up when I'm not on a road trip.

Been tracking using fuelly. I keep the computer display in the car set on a screen that shows gas mileage just to impress passengers. It would have me believe I'm getting about 28 mpg all the time.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts