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Now that my wife traded in her Crosstrek for an Ascent, there is less room between cars, even being careful making a small ding is just a matter of her door touching my car! I opened the door and it hit the front fender ever so gingerly and "ding"
...and of course once I know its there my eyes make a bee-line for it

Noticed there are some gizmo's on Amazon that can be used for the purpose of avoiding this scenario, the research has begun.

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Condolences for the damage to your vehicle鈥

I鈥檓 not about to go puck my own just to prove a point, but from what I鈥檝e found online, the Crosstrek is no weaker than the average vehicle, the exterior panels are average thickness (gauge) and (roughly the same) steel composition.
My 2008 Honda Fit had clearly thinner exterior panels and dented very easily. Just pressing firmly with one finger could cause indentation.

Just gotta be cautious, and as for your own cars denting eachother, you could buy door edge guards for less than ten bucks that will distribute impact and minimize the chance of causing dents on each others cars鈥

also if there鈥檚 room in your garage, back the *** ends close to eachother and keep the front ends of the cars apart, giving you more room to open driver doors. Another option is one drives in and one backs in - this way neither driver door could open toward and potentially hit the other vehicle.

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Speaking of aluminum, you do know that the hood is made out of aluminum. Don't believe me? Find a magnet and check it.

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Why do Brits pronounce it this way?
Um, because that's the correct way? 馃樇

If you look at the periodic table there are lots of elements that end in "ium". The only other one I can think of that breaks the rule is Platinum.

Edit: And I think Platinum was originally Platinium.
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