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I'll add mine here. Thanks for a in-depth write up.
My info:
2018 base model 6mt Crosstrek.
Transplanted larger non-nav radio from limited (UO.18.43.20)
Pixel 6 phone, most up to date android and Android auto app.

I'm pretty happy. Some days it works with no issues, other days, at random times, the screen stops displaying Android auto, and will go to the Subaru launcher page for like 15 seconds, then AA will launch again. I haven't done a hard reset on the MA1 yet, so that may help. On mine, it saves me from having a cord running out of my center console, as that's where the AA USB is, so overall 4/5 for now.

I use Google maps, Spotify, hangouts, messages, and Google podcasts. Only issue I noticed is the one I mentioned above.
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