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OK, I'll play!

When my 2020 6MT Crosstrek was fairly new and broken in, I logged info for about 5000 miles. It was a mix of highway and rural/suburban roads daily driving. I averaged 29.0mpg actual while my "exaggerometer" averaged 29.5mpg, so the computer was only 0.5mpg high.

I really don't like the categorization of highway and city. What defines "highway" or "city" driving? Not sure what the EPA uses in their tests now, but I know that back in the 1970's, they came under fire for the highly elevated highway figures because they were using 48mph for their highway testing.

As evidenced in this weekend's Thanksgiving weekend traffic slowing down flow in general, I had the best overall mileage ever - around 31-32mpg for the last two tankfulls which I credit being forced to drive around 60-65mph for most of the trip with occasional slowdowns to 30-40mph. And this was with snow tires installed! Kayak racks have been removed for the winter.

On trips where I can set cruise between 70 and 75mph, I usually average 28-29mpg. On rural roads where my speed is anywhere between 40 and 60, I can usually get into the low 30's.

Kayak racks reduce my gas mileage a bit. Kayaks on those rack reduce my gas mileage by A LOT where I'm lucky to get 25mpg highway! I remove the racks from October to April.

As the saying goes..............YMMV.
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