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2021 XV 1.6i-S Eyesight, Crystal Black Silica with Black Leather Seats. 17" wheels/Yokohama Globule
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Congrats, on you new car. Is very interesting to see you have the 1.6i with the multipoint injection. What other features and accessories you guys get over there vs us folks in the states?
Apologies for the late reply. You Americans get all the good stuff, we mostly get the JDM spec here and due to government restrictions we only get the 1.6 liter engine.

As for other features, we don’t get heater seats/steering and we don’t get the S/I drive option. My XV has auto dim and STeering response headlights, auto dim rear view mirrors but it’s without the compass. We also don’t have the tpms sensors nor the dual X mode and no auto start/stop. I have the 8” screen but without navigation. I also have blind spot detection, RAB, front and rear cams, leather seats, auto wipers and powered driver seat. in terms of “options”, we don’t get to choose features, the cars come as is and we just buy and drive them off the lot.

We don’t have access to starlink/home link and for some reason, my VIN does not work with the mysubaru app. In fact, my vin seems to be “invalid” through the internet. If anyone can help with this I’ll appreciate it.
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