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Hello Everyone.

I just joined and started a post, it appears I placed it in wrong location so apologies for that. I posted asking about Maxtrax, rotopax, and shovel mounting to Thule's Aeroblade with a cargo box. Here is a link:

I have a Hybrid 16'

If their are more discussions like this could you please share a link to them, I was not able to find anything similar.

I also have the following questions, if you have links to any discussions pertaining them please help me out and share them:
- What modifications do you like and have you done?
- How can you attach rotopax and maxtrax and shovel to crossbars?
- What tires and rims do you use without any rubbing or lift kits (I've read a few of these just wondering what discussions people enjoyed)?
- Whats the best awning for the price?

Thanks everyone.
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