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When you decide to lift your crossover SUV and install larger all-terrain tires, it is the perfect time to upgrade your vehicle with a set of durable and reliable Black Rhino wheels. They are specifically designed to endure all the hardships of your adventures off the beaten path while featuring unique, rugged look. As you can see on the pictures below, Matte BOXER Gunblack wheels by Black Rhino perfectly match your Subaru Crosstrek's imposing exterior.

Why Black Rhino, you may ask? It is simple. This brand specifically designs and manufactures aggressive-looking custom wheels for SUVs and pickup trucks intended for hard off-road use. All Black Rhino wheels are manufactured from proprietary alloys using cutting-edge technologies to ensure their unrivaled strength-to-weight ratios. The company’s designers draw their inspiration from the animal world, the black rhino, in particular, one of the toughest and fearsome beasts out there.

BLACK RHINO® - BOXER Gunblack wheels at

Don’t miss the Blast Sale, the opportunity to equip your favorite vehicle with a set of Black Rhino wheels while saving up to $425. Be quick to get the set you like while supplies last. To find out more about Black Rhino brand click here.

Why do YOU want to upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket wheels? Let us know in the replies. If you have any questions, visit our online store by clicking here or on any of the pictures above.
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