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Even though Sport Exhausts, Air Intakes, and custom spoilers for Hyundai Veloster are being discussed here on the forum more often than some basic accessories, today we want to talk about floor mats. At first this topic may sound boring, but in fact, these simple products turn to be very useful in everyday life, no matter if you're a performance junkie or fan of factory style.

Modern floor mats can improve the looks of your interior and provide better protection from dirt, melted snow and anything else that happens to get spilled or dropped on the floor of your car. The question of floor mats becomes even more important in the Autumn-Winter season when our shoes bring dirt and melted snow on the nice and clean carpets.

In our new article, we collected the list of top features you should pay attention to when ordering floor mats for your car.

Find all information about Floor Mats and Floor Liners for your Subaru WRX in our Shopping Guide.

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