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Front suspension o/h

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Had slowly built up a list of spares:

1. Antiroll bar linkage (oem)
2. Antiroll bar rubber bushing (oem)
3. Lower arm ball joint (trw)
4. Small front lower arm bushing (skr)
5. Large rear lower arm bushing (skr)

Wheel Tire Crankset Bicycle tire Automotive tire

Done job at 100000 km and 8 years of ownership. Cars is in Thailand, so always hot, which tends to deteriorate rubber parts. After replacement car feels quieter and more responsive to steering but neutral to road imperfections. As new 馃榿
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I like to spray all rubber and moving parts with silicone.
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Nice! I've done the sway bar bushings and links on the family's MY18,but at 20k. How did your tie rod assemblies look? You might check your drive train mounts. I've already done our trans and pitch mounts. Have new motor mounts ready to go in when time allows. They've made a big difference in the car's behaviour.
Everything taken off looked tired, but still in working order. Rubber parts were cracked and brittle.
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