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Hi all!

After a couple redesigns, some testing, and some manufacturing changes, the first gen Crosstrek models are now shipping!

After some deliberations, it was decided to 3D print the upper "clamping" mechanism rather than machine. Material properties would be about equal (Going from HDPE or ABS to PETG or ABS, if you are material-friendly) with a glass transition no lower than 80C/175F. Strength will be a wash, and the parts will have less flex. @subieventrek on Instagram is who has been testing mine, and has about 3 week on hers so far, off-road testing included.

What is not shown, is that there is a rubber interface material between the body of the "clamp" and the plastic trim on the car. On the inside (the smaller piece that fits within the pocket) there is a 3M adhesive pad, similar to the others, that can be bonded to the body of trim. This is optional but recommended.

Feel free to open up any questions/concerns down below, thanks!

Those who have put in orders, I am working diligently to get them out the door! Many have already shipped, but some have not yet.

-Tanner, on behalf of Tactical Tracks.


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