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I recently decided to sell my stock tires on my 2018 Crosstrek and mount Cooper Discoverer AT3's in the 235/65/17 Size. (29" tire)

Surprisingly the tires dont rub alot, save about a 1-2mm of rub when reversing and turning. I'm not worrying about that. The Crosstrek looks great with this size too, I can definitely feel the difference when accelerating (6 speed) and when downshifting to slow down.

SO, I want the lift height of 1.5", but the stock springs are just too light duty for all my camping gear(150ish+ lbs) so I'll also be buying the Rallitek Overload springs to help carry the load.

My question is, How did your alignment go? How much adjustability did you have left on each corner? I would like to do the .5" over load springs in the rear but I feel like the LP lift MAY max out the camber adjustment, and a full 2" would be too much to align correctly.

Much further down the line and once I'm familiar with the Crosstreks suspension I'm going to try lifting it 2.5" but thats when I'm out of warranty and have a second reliable vehicle again...

Thank you for your input!
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