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Doca’s XV: Stamford

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Doca’s XV: Stamford

Toyed with starting a journal for a while now and because it won’t fit anywhere else, today is the day.

Today is a sad day. At the same time I was having fun with MSPaint

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Automotive design Line Automotive parking light

From here:

Roof Property Home House Building

Came this:

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle door Wheel Asphalt

That did this:

Automotive exterior Vehicle Vehicle door Car Bumper

Which resulted in this:

Text Receipt Font Document
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In other news; I finally decided to install a USB C mounting plate in my console. The parts arrive tomorrow and now I'll never have to look at a stupid USB wire again.
Until there's USB D... :rolleyes:
Until there's USB D... :rolleyes:

Hopefully I'll be too old to care, but those jumps happen so fast now. At least it'll be an easy replacement.
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Think I’m going to ditch the plate delete option and add an authentic, fake, custom Japanese plate instead.

I still don’t have a solid grasp on their system, but heres what I came up with.
It’s a Gunma plate for a personal vehicle, with what I think is the right classification code (300 series). The “.” omits the leading 0 on this 4 digit plate.

View attachment 316850

Also, Stamford and Bridget are moving! The Mrs and I just bought a house in New Brunswick. The inspection is today, but I throughly checked it out so, I don’t anticipate any show stoppers.
All the best DOCA! Hope you keep us posted ongoing.
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