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In March of 2020 (hehe what a time to buy something) I got a 2018 Crosstrek Premium 6MT in CGK. Here's some initial pictures from that day:

Little tid-bit from the last picture: My first 'car' was a 1999 BMW 528i. Me and my friend went halfsies on it, with the sole purpose of taking it apart and learning all we could about it. That influenced me to move to Japanese automobiles.. He now has an MT from '03. E39s will always hold a soft place in my heart, thus why I still have the key.

When I got it, the car came with:
Factory Trailer Hitch (update: not factory. Previous owner installed a 2” Curt. This car did come from the factory with the smaller Subaru installed one)
All-Weather Floor Liners
Rear Setback Protector
Carpeted Floor Mats
Aero Crossbar Set
Auto Dimming Mirror W/ Compass


(as of 11/22/22) (oem unless otherwise stated)


  • Limited Front Air Vents w/ Silver Trim
  • Limited Dashboard w/ Orange Stitching
  • Auto Dimming Mirror w/ Compass + Homelink
  • Limited Center Console w/ Orange Stitching
  • Subaru Kickplates
  • Retrofitted Heated Steering Wheel from ‘17 Impreza
    • Clock Spring from ‘20+ Crosstrek
  • RedlineGoods Shift & Handbrake Boot (Orange Stitching w/ NAPPA leather)
  • Footwell Illumination Kit
  • PrecisionLED interior lights
  • Retrofitted 8” non-navi Radio from ‘18 Limited
    • Limited Sirius XM Antenna Lead
    • Limited CarPlay Receiver
  • CPlay2Air Wireless CarPlay
  • Custom 3D Printed Center Console Cubby Bracket w/ Integrated Wireless Charger
    • X-mode Switch Wired to Charger and Console Light w/ Momentary to Latching Converter
    • Blue Center Console Cubby Light from Ascent
  • OONO (I think?) 6 position Auxiliary Fuse Box
  • [insert update on cargo lights once done]
  • Rockford Fosgate Audio Upgrade Kit
  • Infinity Reference REF-3032-Cfx speakers installed in dash corners
  • Thinkware U1000 2-way dash camera with radar sensor
  • White Glove Box Light (PN 66237AJ08A)
  • MFD Display Bracket + Orange-Stitched Leather Cover (PN 66077FL020 + 66077FL200VH)
  • Mud Flaps
  • Auto dimming exterior mirrors w/ approach lights
  • Rear Bumper Cover
  • Wheel Locks
  • Rear Lighting
    • JDM ASTAR LED Rear Turn Signals w/ Resistor
    • JDM ASTAR LED Reverse Lights
    • Diode Dynamics 168/94 HP3 Red LED Tail Lights + Side Markers
    • Diode Dynamics 168/94 HP3 Cool White License Plate Lights
  • Front Lighting
    • Diode Dynamics SS3 Sport Yellow Fogs
    • JDM DRLs/LED fogs (PN: H4517FL300)
    • OXILAM 7440 LED Pre-Resisted Front Turn Signals
    • DRL Delete w/ relays
    • Cougar Motor 9005 LED High Beam fan-less
    • Cougar Motor H11 LED Low Beam fan-less
  • Orsini Vinyls & Designs Front & Rear Mountain Biker Emblems
    • Background: Shade Shift Blue Black Gloss
    • Mountain Base: Orange (Gloss)
    • Mountain Outline and Stars: White
  • Orsini Vinyls & Designs Wheel Center Cap Emblems:
    • Background: Black (Matte)
    • Logo Color: Orange
    • Diameter: 58mm
  • Orsini Vinyls & Designs Winglet Overlays:
    • Orange (Gloss)
  • Subie Supply Co Subaru Mountains Plate Delete Pastel Orange
  • Hella Supertone Horns powder coated in orange from Subie Mods
  • Solar Insulation (Nashville, TN) installed polarized front window tint (Done to Tennessee Code)
  • Power Folding Mirrors w/ Auto Fold upon Lock function + Mirror Turns + Curb camera mount on both sides
  • Wiring run for additional trailer lighting + reverse camera on 1upUSA bike rack. Attached harnesses to trailer hitch (universal 4+5pin trailer harnesses).



Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit:

6.5” to 8” Radio Retrofit:

Wireless Charger Retrofit:

Auxiliary Fuse Box Install:

Dash Camera Hard Wiring:

Been meaning to make one of these for awhile. Thanks to @stupidchicken03 for the inspiration on this journal.

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I figured I should start posting stuff here, so here ya go. Installed the CURT trailer adapter this weekend. Ran it through the BSM port in the left rear of the car after disassembling the interior. Only had to un-clip the bumper off slightly. Spliced a 5-pin flat trailer harness instead of a four pin, as I will be using the four pin to run a reverse camera. Both devices will be powering brake, reverse, turn, tails, & license plate lights on a bike rack. I used curt holders for the 5-pin and 4-pin vehicle side harnesses.
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Installed some Infinity Reference REF-3032cfx speakers following good things heard from this thread. Process went super smooth, ended up swapping the metra wiring harness around as detailed in the thread referenced. Speakers are a massive difference. I have the RF upgrade, and these help to balance the bass-heaviness the RF upgrade adds imo.
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