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Conflict between trip meter & cruise control _ 2023 Crosstrek Base with MT

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Bought a brand new 2023 base model Crosstrek with 6 speed MT (not premium model). I observed that trip meter information is immediately replaced by cruise control information on display when cruise control is set. I could no longer see the mileage number increase "real time" for the distance being driven on the instrument panel unless (1) I cancel cruise control or (2) manually push trip reset button again. I have never seen this kind of puzzling display configuration on any cars in my whole life. Drivers use a trip meter to help remind themselves of certain things such as turning or looking for an exit. I used this trip meter often on a long distance trip out of town. I contacted Subaru customer advocacy. They only referred me to the dealership. Does anybody else experience this issue?
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thats how it works.. So everyone experiences this issue. I'm not sure why i need to stare at my current mileage while cruise is on though, so its not a big deal.
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I believe you can press the trip meter button and it will display real time miles for a few seconds and go back to cruising speed
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customer advocacy for a design preference "issue"?
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