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Back from a 9-day voyage down the Green River through Canyonlands, Utah. Truly spectacular. This was my 8th run through there.

I rebuilt yet again a little cargo trailer I first bought and built in 1989. This is its 5th, and probably final, rewicker.

Here it is, ready to go.

CT w-Trailer.jpg

Above Paradox Valley in Western Colorado, CO Highway 90.

Above Paradox.jpg

The trailer itself I'm swagging weighs around 350 to 400 pounds, which includes the 16-gauge steel plate I put down for the bed instead of plywood, the 8-foot, 2x2 steel tube extension I attached to the original tongue, the 14-inch Toyota wheels and steel tube axle, spare wheel, the composite wood cargo box reinforced with 1/8-inch flat steel pieces, the forward canoe support, and many dozens of bolts, nuts, and washers. The cross-piece on the forward canoe support swivels so it is really easy to mount up the canoe on the trailer by strapping the front of the canoe on the support and simply lift and rotate the canoe onto the rear cross bars - one person can do it. The bumper if anybody is wondering is off an old Datsun.

I designed the trailer so I can easily go to regular short trailer CargoPod mode by removing the extended tongue and forward support, remount the trailer hitch and plug-in the light harness.

The canoe weighs 85 pounds. Add in all the camping and canoe accouterments (paddles, stove, cooler, food box, cooking stuff, PFDs, Coyote camp toilet, misc gear box, tent, chairs, water containers [empty], canoe chairs), the CanoeGoPod was loaded up with around 210 pounds.

I be swagging the CrossTrek was towing in the neighborhood of 600 pounds. Plus there was crew and dry bags inside the CT. Trailer only pushed down the rear by about an inch or so. Overall, my CrossTrek handled this with no prob. Many mountains were climbed and many passes were passed on the road to Moab and back. Mileage was not the best, averaged 24.5 mpg, hand calculated (the mpg exagerometer had it around 28). The trailer towed well, though it's presence was felt.
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