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I have a 2013 Forester (it is brand new and from what I can gather, the car is referred to as a 2014 model in the US).

I am trying to bypass the nav lockout function. I have read many other posts on the topic, but it appears that the previously identified solutions to bypass the nav lockout does not work on Fujitsu Ten fitted to the 2014 (Aus 2013) model Forester.

My satnav has model number FF215KS on the top left corner. So far I have:
* disconnected the park brake wire and grounded the park brake pin, and
* disconnected the VSS wire.

This did not work, so I also tried feeding 12.5 V to the VSS pin.

Does anyone have a solution to bypass the nav lockout on the 2014 (Aus 2013) Forester?
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