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An Exploration into the Complex and Rather Humorous World of Rear View Camera Washers/Blowers

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Hey folks. I was doing some research on some power-folding mirror stuff and stumbled across some fascinating foreign accessories for the "XV," as they still call it overseas. Note the euro and the jdm parts catalogs attached to this listing for reference. It appears Subaru offers a rearview camera washer as an accessory in Europe. The catalog lists it as the part number "SEBLFL9000," and it can be found here at a relatively affordable price. Side note, SSG Asia is a great source for foreign parts & diagrams (JDM & Euro). I was interested to see what the accessory looked like when on the car, so I did a quick google search. Boy, did I get more than what I bargained for. It turns out Russia has an XV forum denoted "". This group wrote four pages on this subject, I highly recommend reading through it (use google translate's website feature). They describe different methods to make the washer work and show the installation guide:ROFLMAO:. Then, they note how Japan has another offering for cleaning the reverse camera, except theirs is a blower with the part number "H0017FL350" that triggers for 1.5 seconds when you shift into reverse with the rear wiper on (theoretically to blow rainwater off of it:LOL:). This one is more expensive than the washer and can be found here. I almost want to throw one of these items into my cart from Asia just to see how well it works. Anywho, I thought some of you people who like really quirky and off-the-wall factory accessories would greatly appreciate this discovery. Until next time.

Euro Catalog

Video of Blower in Action (Subaru vid)

Video of Washer in Action (independent vid)

Blower on Camera:
Material property Wood Trigger Revolver Tool

Credit to Russian Forum user sk00444

Washer on Camera:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle door

Credit to Drive2 user sk444 (universal Russian Forum)


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Good find.

I made one for my 2014 a couple years ago out of copper tubing. Worked perfect! Cost about $10 and about 1 hour.
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