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Put a deposit on a 2023 CWP Limited with the grey two-tone seats. ETA 3rd week of August! I am so friggin' excited!
Not my first Subaru, as I bought a new WRX ISM Premium in 2017. Sadly I sold it a year later ...but I'm back!! :cool:

My current ride is a 2017 Fiesta ST (FiST) with factory Recaro seats, which I'm trading in for the XV... I'm sad, but it's time. The FiST has served me well, and it's a blast to drive, but has been giving me problems as of late. More importantly, I'm relocating up north for work and need a AWD.
The Crosstrek fits that slot perfectly, and is basically a lifted hatchback imo, so not too far off from where I am (minus the manual trans and turbo :confused:). I have always preferred small cars, hence why I chose the XV over a Forrester/Outback/etc...

My mother and step-dad have a 2019 CBK w/CVT which I always appreciated, but thought was a tad under-powered. However, the 2.5 changes everything. After taking a test-drive in a 2022, I was sold!

Even though a manual is not offered, I am ok with that. My knee has been starting to ache from all of my years driving manuals, plus my wife refuses to learn how to drive one, so an easy decision (for the most part) for us to go with the auto/CVT.

Here's my soon to be departed FiST :cry:

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