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How are you liking the Crosstrek given the stark difference - have you done any sort of mods to help open up throttle response and power?

FWIW, after a few quick part searches I'm pretty sure there aren't many performance options for the Crosstrek. Intake is about the only things I've seen :/
i drove the 2016 for five years and 110k miles. it was an underpowered car but i adapted

frankly the ST had more power than i needed and tho i did adjust to the 2.0L crosstrek my first impression was the car needed 25-30 more hp. previous to the ST i had a 2012 focus and it had plenty of power and was a blast to drive -- but it also had the faulty dual clutch so i traded it in to a ford dealership for an ST

i sold my 2016 crosstrek a couple of years ago and bought a 21 sport. the 2.5L has plenty of power for my needs and is a blast to drive

the only performance mods i've done on my crosstreks are tires and wheels. i don't think there's much you could do to the 2.0L powerwise but spend a buncha money and then realize you should have bought a different car if you want something faster
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