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2023 Dark Blue Pearl Crosstrek Sport with Eyesight, CVT
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Hi all,
New here…just traded in my ‘16 Outback 3.6 for a ‘23 Crosstrek Limited. Hasn’t even been built yet but I’ve already accumulated a small pile of parts for it 😂.
This will be my road-bomber and work vehicle…I drive about 30k miles/year for work, all over the state of Oregon in all kinds of weather…I never once was let down by my Outback in 160,000 miles, and it handled winter mountain passes with style and grace. Subaru has earned a loyal customer.
I decided to go with the Crosstrek for slightly better fuel economy, and because I want to do more exploring of all the trails and backroads I see on my travels. My wife and I are avid campers and pull a Teardrop trailer behind a lightly-built GX470, and I’m always trying to add to our list of potential camping areas.
Really looking forward to receiving the new Subaru…will stay mostly stock other than a tire and wheel upgrade, at least while I’m still working. After retirement I’ll re-evaluate my toys.
Happy to be here, and always looking for like-minded camping folk.
Welcome to the forum. You will have lots of fun with your new ride. How long before it arrives?
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