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Hello - I'm not sure if this is the correct to post this as I have a couple of general questions about my options. The pictures show the damage to my 2019 Crosstrek passengers side rear fender. The rubberized/plastic portion of the fender is attached to the entire bumper......meaning........Subaru told me my only option was to replace the entire bumper and also have it painted (over $2K). I tried finding something in a "junk yard" which would be nicely cut off and then "installed" as nice as possible to my vehicle, but nothing available (and certainly not optimal). So, now I'm thinking of adding fender flares around all four sides as an option, but don't see much available (only option so far is "Trails by Grimmspeed").

Anybody have any suggestions/ideas around fender flares and/or other options?

Note: The rubberized/plastic portion of the fender got caught on something and as I pulled away it tore (paint impacted as well, but that's an easier fix). I currently have the rubber/plastic piece zip-tied back tight so it doesn't stick out. I'm worried this could impact the install of fender flares?? I'm not handy at all so I'd have to pay somebody (body shop???) to do the install, but concerned I've compromised the ability for fender flares to be properly installed. Thanks in advance for your ideas/suggestions. Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle
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