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2019 XV 2.0-S stock (currently :) )
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HI Guys,
Have been through the forum to find an answer and have come up short.
I had a set of Forester 16" wheels come up locally and the guy wanted $50 for all 4 so went and got them seeing others saying that they fit their XV/Crosstrek.
As mine is 18" wheels are the brake calipers larger cause they would not fit at all, just hit the caliper.
Offset is +48 on the 16" and +55 on the 18" so bit perplexed as to what i can fit on this model that came with 18".
Currently 225/55 R18 was hoping for 215/75 R16 which fir fine with minimal size difference on all the websites.

Want to put something on with a larger sidewall as we live in the outback with lots of dirt/rock roads. Will keep the 18's and put them on when we travel back to see family 4/5 times a year (12hr drive).

Everyone on here seems to have 17" wheels which they can swap to 16" fairly easily - anyone got 18" and done the same?

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