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Hi All,

We have a 2014 XV Crosstrek with 48K miles on it. Since I've found this forum, I've seen lots of posts about the Hybrid system throwing errors and causing a hard restart. But, I didn't see the posts before I took our car to the dealership. They said the Start/Generator required replacement. We did purchase an extended warranty (I've never done that before but with a Hybrid...) and that it was a $1,300 part, all covered by the extended warranty. Great. Got it replaced.

Picked the car up at the dealership on (we live 75 miles from the dealership) Sunday and the car immediately started emitting a very strong sulfur smell, I mean really strong. Got the car back to the dealership via a tow. Got a call from the dealership that both the Start and Auxiliary batteries need to be replaced at ~$1,100. Plus, the dealership said the sulfur smell was the Auxiliary battery. I asked why did the smell start after the Generator was replaced. Dealership guy said that he thinks the Generator fail was caused by the bad battery.

So, I've seen the threads about other after-market batteries and I think I'm going that direction. Has anyone else had a bad battery cause the Starter/Generator to fail? Did they hook something up incorrectly when they put the Starter/Generator and short out the Auxiliary battery?

I appreciate any feedback.

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