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Hello all,
I have a 2013 Crosstrek I bought from my mother-in-law. She has had it since new and said she had taken it to the dealer many times for a check engine light. The light was intermittent. The code continued to indicate a bad brake light switch. I bought the car knowing of the problem. I drove the car for several weeks and it seemed to be fine until someone pulled out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes. The check engine light came on within a minute. I have a scanner/code reader. I plugged it in and sure enough it had the bad brake switch code. I tested the switch and it was fine. I cleared the code and it came back on within moments. I drove it a bit and cleared.the code, the light stayed off. A few days later I hit railroad tracks pretty rough and the light came back on. Seamed like a bad connection. I started reading into codes and some other possible causes and read somewhere that this code will pop up if a CVT lockup solenoid is bad. I ordered the solenoid and pulled the valve body out of the transmission. Super easy replacement, but could not believe what I found. The ground wire to that solenoid had been broken off at the factory. The bolt spun the wire eye and ripped the wire out of it. The end of the wire was laying against the valve bady. Hit a bump and it would move the wire out of contact. I replaced the eyelet and have never had a problem since.

It gets about 6 mpg more now than before the repair.
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