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  1. For Sale / Freebies
    I've decided to go a different direction with my 2019 Crosstrek and am parting it out. Shoot me an offer :) $1150 5x BF Goodrich KO2 235/75r15 5x RRW RR5-V 15x7 (5x100) 1 set RRW Open End Spline Drive Nut set The KO2s have 10k miles and are mounted and balanced on the RR5-V's and are being...
  2. Appearance and Body
    Anybody have any experience with a wind fairing on factory bars. Every post seems to be with yakima crossbars. How much will it effect MPG. The noise of just the bars is not bad I mainly just want it for looks so I am trying to weigh out the pros and cons. Ideally I want to put a basket on it...
  3. For Sale / Freebies
    For sale are a pair of Yakima BowDown mounts. I've had them on my aero crossbars without issue. Some sun weathering but no cracks/stressed pieces. $90 picked up around Concord/Charlotte, NC; will ship @$120 est if needed. pp gift or add 4% ConUS
  4. For Sale / Freebies
    Hi, I'm looking for a Yakima or Thule set of crossbars with the mounting foot packs (to attach to side rails). Ideally I'd like a 48 inch set. Round or square would be preferred since they are less expensive, but I'd consider Aero for the right price. I don't plan to have these on my roof full...
  5. For Sale / Freebies
    SOLD: Yakima Rail Grab Roof Rack, Towers, Cross Bars, WindJammer - $165! SOLD! For sale... Yakima Rail Grab Base Roof Rack System. Includes: (4) Railgrab Towers with extra claws for different sized roof rails (mediums installed) (1) 44" load bar with end caps (1) 47 1/2" load bar with end...
  6. Appearance and Body
    Just bought the Yakima Forklift for my XV's aerobars, and I'm having difficulty securely fitting the rear clamp. Does anyone have feedback on which of the three mounting brackets they are using for both the front and rear clamps? Much appreciated!
  7. Appearance and Body
    I'm looking to get a bike rack. I was curious if anyone had thoughts on getting a roof rack or a hitch rack. I know I am going to have to buy a cargo box for all of my camping gear. I was looking at Yakima at REI. So if I'm going to have a cargo box on top, should I go with a hitch rack?