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  1. Applies to All Model Years Musty smell coming out of vents

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Good Morning Everyone, Yesterday morning as I started my 2014 Crosstrek for work, the first thing I noticed was a very distinct musty smell coming from my AC and the vents. This occurred 3 more times yesterday when I started my car. I ran off to Advanced and bought a new cabin filter ($25) (I...
  2. Low air flow from vent (only one)

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    2015 Crosstrek (Premium CVT/no eye site) -purchased new from dealer 10/31/2015. I am not sure if I just noticed this (as I am a bit of an air seeker), but the air flow from the vent center dash (Left side looking at dash) has VERY poor air flow for both recirculated and outside air...
  3. Hvac vents and an amp.

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Hi all, I noticed a topic about someone that added an amp to the stock stereo in the Premium model. Well I just did this as well. But I have a question. I installed the Alpine PDX-V9 amp, which is incredibly small in size. So I put it under my drivers side front seat along with 2 crossovers. I...