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  1. Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Hello Crosstrekers, I've got a 2017 Crosstrek Limited with the navigation head unit. I am starting an audio upgrade, and the first thing I'm doing is the speakers. I ordered four of the Polk DB651, and plan to install them tomorrow. I also ordered a pair of the Polk DB1001 tweeters, and planned...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Just made the massive change from Honda to Volkswagen to now finally at home in my 2.0i premium XV! Looking to make some changes so any new ideas are welcome! First thing on my list is some meatier tires asap as Northern Virginia weather could get a little dicey sometimes. Gotta...
  3. Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Does anyone happen to know the dimensions and distance between mounting screws for the stock tweeters? Thinking about installing these: Tymphany BC25SC55-04 1" Square Frame Tweeter if I can adapt the mounting hardware from the stock tweets. Thanks, Matt
  4. General Discussion Forum
    Picked it up yesterday! Installed my Hella Supertones and Kicker Tweeters once home. Fantastic vehicle thus far...I shall call it...Oliver. Crappy pic, but it was hard not to show off!
1-4 of 4 Results