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  1. Applies to All Model Years Trunk flood light

    Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    The trunk lighting in the 2016 crosstrek leaves much to be desired, so I started looking into how I could install a flood light on the inside of the hatch. There are some great videos out there on installing LED strips on the inside of the hatch, but didn't see anyone using a flood light. So I...
  2. Model Year 2018 and Newer Rear license plate keep hitting trunk??

    Appearance and Body
    I just picked up my 2018 Crosstrek yesterday (YAY!!!) However, the rear license plate keep on hitting the trunk whenever I close it...Other than double side tape the plate onto the there anyway to fix the plate?? It's kinda annoying... Thanks!
  3. Where do you hide your stuff?

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    I want to hear where you guys hide your tools, flash lights, and other car essentials. Has anyone considered cutting the foam around the spare tire? any other nooks and crannies to fit things in? I'm planning on buying the following to keep in my car: FRED Flashing Roadside Emergency Disc -...
  4. Can your sheep fit in an XV?

    General Discussion Forum
    Ran across this today and I'm pretty sure that's either an XV Crosstrek or an Impreza with its trunk/boot open. Subaru owners really do hail from all walks of life! Though I wonder how he/she brought his/her sheep to the dealership in the first place. The Number One Question Asked When Buying a...