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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi All, I had the 3 year service warranty done today on my Subaru XV 2017 (MY18) here in Victoria, Australia and they advised i have a minor Oil Leak coming from the bottom right side of the timing chain cover, but the oil leak is not visible from above, nor any oil leak visible on the drive...
  2. Appearance and Body
    Hey XV owners! I was wondering is it possible to add WRC spoiler to XV Crosstrek? I wasn't sure it gonna fit or not. Nor have anyone tried to putting the WRC spoiler on or even have it on the XV.
  3. Crosstreks Off Road
    Hey Everyone! I want to see what you guys are doing for offroad fun. Here's a few pictures of my 2016 XV. Let me know what you think and what I should do next!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Finally, after waiting for 6 months, my 2016 XV just arrived! (ordered on Oct 14th, got the keys on Apr. 13th !!!) It’s a Tangerine Orange Pearl, available in France on the new ’16 model :icon_cool: I went for a 2.0l petrol, with manual 6 speed transmission, Premium version (so no...
  5. Crosstrek / XV Pictures
    Hi Guys. Some pics of the past summer. 5000 km in 12 days. Nice trip. cala cap de creus por elmacho75, en Flickr Far and complicated Beach in Costa Brava cap de creus por elmacho75, en Flickr Creus Cape. Costa brava, Spain. belagua por elmacho75, en Flickr Belagua Valley, in Navarra...
  6. General Discussion Forum
    So im driving my new white 2014 XV through the hills in australia taking my sister to school, going 50kmh (the speed limit on that road) then all of a sudden BAM! a kangaroo jumped out of the bush and into my passenger side headlight and bounced off hitting (or kicking) the two passenger side...
  7. DIY and 3rd party Maintenance, How To's & Tools
    Accidentally posted to lighting and Electrical... Don't know how to move thread. Here is the link: I apologize... Hopefully it can be of some use.
  8. General Discussion Forum
    I have a Subaru XV, just wondering if anyone has successfully self installed the Sports Grill and if so, any pictures for the step by step.. Got stuck after taking out the front 2 clamps and plastic clips.. Cheers.. Malcolm.