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    Is it possible to fit a cargo box and J bar kayak rack on top of a 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid? iof not do you know of a system that would work? I have the 'genuine' (ones i bought from the dealer) suabru crossbar and kayak wrack and was wondering if anyone had any info on a Cargo Box that would...
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    two month old crossbars in great shape. $125 which includes shipping within the US. Item has been SOLD*********
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    Modification List 2013 Wht XV Premium -Subaru mesh grille -Subaru hood deflector -Thule Kayak Pro (folding system) -Thule Bike Rack -Thule Aero Bars -Thule air deflector (custom installed; not available for Aero Bars unfortunately) -Matte Black Plasti dip list (lol, love this stuff now)...
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    I have had my xv crosstrek for about two weeks. Yesterday I was inspecting the roof rack and I noticed a scratch in the plastic spoiler just above the brake light. I then followed it all the way around the roof! It starts at the windshield, about 1/2 inch from the roof rail following it exactly...