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roof spoiler

  1. Appearance and Body
    I am looking at trading in my '15 XV for a new 2018. I have the factory spoiler on my '15 and really like it, so I am wanting to put the factory spoiler on the 2018 as well. However I cant find any pictures of a 2018 with the "sti roof spoiler". The old spoiler will not work so the dealer told...
  2. Appearance and Body
    I am getting ready to order my Tangerine Orange XV and I wanted to put the Crystal Black Silica roof spoiler and sport mesh grille on it and I wanted to know if it has any flakes in the paint like the Obsidian Black Pearl does.
  3. Appearance and Body
    I think there was a link or pic of a Tangerine Orange XV with a Crystal Black roof spoiler - I was thinking about doing that (along with a black grille). I have searched but came up empty. Can someone point me in the right direction?