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  1. Applies to All Model Years Recommended products for protecting external paint AND plastic?

    Appearance and Body
    Hi. I just got a new Crosstrek. I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a product that will protect both the paint and plastic (top rack, window rims, etc) from UV rays. I'm looking for preferably one product that handles both paint and plastic, so as not to have to worry about masking one to...

    For Sale / Freebies
    Well, I just ordered this black pintle rear bumper guard/step from Vanguard offload, but unfortunately it does not fit with my borla exhaust..... And of course there is a restocking fee and the huge shipping cost, so i'm offering it up here for sale. This thing looks awesome. Wish I could have...
  3. Plastidip Experiment on cladding

    Appearance and Body
    in automotive design there is a term called "dead-cat hole" which is the space between the top of the tire and the wheel opening. This is particularly apparent on pickup trucks and many SUVs. While the Crosstrek's tires fill the openings satisfactorily, I feel like the body-side cladding...
  4. Bumper Protector/Guard for 2014 XV Crosstrek

    Appearance and Body
    Hi, I am looking for recommendations on rear bumper protectors/guards for my 2014 Subaru Crosstrek.I just got it last week, and want something that will protect my bumper while the car is still new. I'm looking for something that is affordable, not hideous, and will protect my bumper in the...
  5. Applies to All Model Years Gorilla Offroad Mudflaps!!! Protect your investment.

    Crosstreks Off Road
    Finally got my Gorilla Offroad Company mudflaps installed! One quick word to describe them is AWSOME! First off the price is great compared to the other limited manufacturers of mudflaps for the XV. They cost $89.95 and they are worth every penny and the best part is Gorilla is offering free...