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  1. HELP - oil light not turning off

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi guys, You will probably read this and laugh.. but here goes. I know nothing about cars other than how to drive them & im not even that great at that. But I’m new to the whole Subaru world and so far enjoying it. I have the 2012 XV and since owning it I’ve had one service I’ve only had it for...
  2. Model Year 2012 to 2017 What To Do When You Accidentally Drain The CVT Transmission

    DIY and 3rd party Maintenance, How To's & Tools
    The Story: So... my 2014 Crosstrek has about 40k miles on it and I wanted to run some Motor Medic through the engine before changing the oil. I've found that it really helps with keeping the engine idling smooth, and since I purchased the car secondhand, I wanted to make sure the engine was nice...
  3. Model Year 2018 and Newer Running Low On Oil

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Hi there! Bought my 2018 Crosstrek in November. Oil light came on in April, just before oil change due @ 10,000 km. I was @ 9,000 km. I checked the oil and it was extremely low, had to add a quart. I was told by the dealership this was normal when breaking in the new car and shouldn't happen...
  4. What this plug do?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi everyone, Im new in here and Im a xv owner from Chile. Sorry about my ebglish but I really need your help for the front differential oil change. I took my xv to a service where they "change" this oil, but after a few days start to do a sound like a turbo. The people there says that was the...
  5. Clutch and oil issue at 32k miles

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Hi There, Recently I have been having problems with my 2014 5MT Crosstrek. A couple weeks ago the oil light came on and I found out it was almost a quart low. I have never had an issue with oil levels before. Emergency top off on the road followed by a full oil change and I hoped the problem...
  6. Warranty Boost for Oil-Burning Cars

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    I am planning to buy a used 2013 XV Crosstrek tomorrow. A friend sent this to me today: Subaru Owners Win Compensation And Warranty Boost For Oil-Burning Cars I'm wondering if this is good news for me as I could have this repaired (if I experience the issue) for free and enjoy the extended...
  7. Oil pooling around filter --- WTF

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Hey guys, Just checking in to see if anyone has seen this issue before with a Subaru. My low oil light came on and while i was checking the dip stick, which was sitting right at the bottom hash marking on the stick, I noticed that oil was just sitting around the filter. Pic attached. For a car...
  8. Crosstrek w/8k miles; Oil Consumption Concerns

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    I just purchased a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. A day after having the car I noticed two arbitration forms in the glove compartment which led me to look online to see what some of the common issues with this car which may require someone to have to take it to arbitration (lemon law). Oil consumption...
  9. How many quarts of oil are left when it reaches the bottom line on the dip stick?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Does anyone know this offhand? If not, I have a request for anyone who is doing an oil change in the near future. As you're adding the oil back in, can you try to gauge how much it takes to get it to the lowest line and highest line on the dipstick?
  10. Oil Change

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Hey all, I own a 2013 Crosstrek with automatic transmission and I'm wondering when I should change the oil. The owners manual says @ 7.5K but tells me 3.75K. Anybody have a definitive answer on this?...Thank you for your time...Cheers
  11. Engine Oil Level

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Asked the Subaru Service Department about checking the oil level on the XV. They recommend to check your oil level when the engine is hot. Also they tell me that the dip stick indicates only the top liter of engine oil (petrol Australia model holds 5lt). The difference between the bottom...