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  1. Model Year 2018 and Newer XV Car Nav problems

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Just had the whole car operating system up graded by Subaru and it has changed many things for the better. As it was on our first XV the TomTom car nav still remains very pedestrian though. We usually use Apple Maps for long trips and Google Maps for complex stuff where address numbering is...
  2. Model Year 2012 to 2017 *Help* Any way to bypass "Program Loading is Necessary" message?????

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Just bought a 2013 Crosstrek with a FM612US head unit. Doing a thorough inspection I disconnected the battery. and now I have a "Program loading is Necessary please insert SD card". And yup, you guessed it, I do not have needed SD card. Is there anyway to bypass the security? The dealership...
  3. 2015 Crosstrek Radio Issues

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    I have the 2015 with the Nav system. I have two issues. 1. When I have the station on the satellite radio I get a box in the center of the scree that says Sirius/XM. Everyone I know with a touch screen Nav system gets the station logo in that box not a generic filler (none of them are a...
  4. Maps Not Auto-Changing to Night Colors

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    I have a '16 Crosstrek Limited with the 7" Nav unit. The maps do not automatically change to night color. Anybody know how I can fix this? I can't find any setting to turn on. When I look at the screen that shows the sunrise and sunset map, it appears correct, but my location is not flagged...
  5. 2015 Crosstrek no nav, want to upgrade to in dash nav

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Anybody else regret not getting built in nav? With the huge display in the 2015 you would think you could buy an upgrade but Subaru says no. Has anyone bought an aftermarket or upgrade some other way?
  6. FS: 2014 Fujitsu Ten Nav/Sat/iPod/aha with GPS antenna

    For Sale / Freebies
    Considering selling my Nav system from my 2014 XV Hybrid. It is less than a month old and will sell the gps antenna and memory card with 2014 maps with it. Model is FM622US. There is still a month or two of free satellite radio left on it too. As most of you know it is a $1200 option and...
  7. Australian 2013 Nav Lockout

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    Hi, I have a 2013 Forester (it is brand new and from what I can gather, the car is referred to as a 2014 model in the US). I am trying to bypass the nav lockout function. I have read many other posts on the topic, but it appears that the previously identified solutions to bypass the nav...
  8. How to bypass NAV lockout (Clarify)

    DIY and 3rd party Maintenance, How To's & Tools
    I just successfully bypassed the Nav units movement restrictions (entering address, playing video, etc. while moving) I followed the the other post on this site but instruction weren't clear and i guessed my way through them. i completed it without purchasing any new parts but here is a list of...