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  1. For Sale / Freebies
    Selling used mud flaps. The only thing used are the flaps but they are in excellent condition. The attaching pieces are new. I replaced the red flaps with black hence the reason for the sell. I’ll meet you an hour out from San Francisco. $100
  2. Appearance and Body
    Hi everyone, New Crosstrek owner here. Just got my 2021 off the lot and noticed that the OEM mudflaps are not my favorite. Would anyone happen to know if I can install an aftermarket mudflap on top of the OEM ones that are already in place? Thanks.
  3. Crosstreks Off Road
    Finally got my Gorilla Offroad Company mudflaps installed! One quick word to describe them is AWSOME! First off the price is great compared to the other limited manufacturers of mudflaps for the XV. They cost $89.95 and they are worth every penny and the best part is Gorilla is offering free...