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interior illumination
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  1. Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    So I was trying to do the illuminated power window switch mod that has been on here for a while using the power window switch from a 2016 STI, they show a plug and play for the unit, mine is a 2014 hybrid and the problem is that I plug in the STI switch it has no power to the windows and a relay...
  2. Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    Sorry if this has been asked (and/or answered elsewhere - I couldn't see it in a quick search!). Does anyone know if AU 2013 XVs have illuminated cigarette lighter sockets? I am sure mine was illuminated when I got it and now its dark - the dealer denies it. I can't believe it wouldn't be as...
1-2 of 2 Results