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  1. Model Year 2018 and Newer Plug-in Hybrid cargo basket and spare tire mount on factory racks?

    Wheels and Tires
    Yes, I have the only factory racks for the 2019 plug-in hybrid. Yes, I'm aware of the Thule cargo basket that works with the rack. And alternatives from Yakima, Rhino, etec. But what I cannot seem to get an answer about, is what cargo basket will fit on my factory Thule racks AND allow me to...
  2. Hybrid model year 2019 and newer Canadian Availability: 2020 Crosstrek Hybrid?

    Hybrid General Discussion
    New here, from Vancouver Canada. I own a 2007 Impreza Wagon and have been waiting for the Crosstrek PHEV to be availble on our west coast for a while now. There's a special page for it up on the Canadian Subaru site however when you click "Build and Price" there is no option for the PHEV. One...
  3. Model Year 2012 to 2017 2016 Hybrid, 15,000 miles, RUST

    Appearance and Body
    We went to have the brakes checked as they were soft. Our local mechanic said he wouldn't touch it as there was so much rust on everything under the car. It is a mess. Have it at a dealer now, waiting to hear what they say. Body has no rust. Car is very clean. Our 2009 Prius with 175,000 miles...
  4. Hybrid Model Year 2014 to 2016 Subaru XV Hybrid - lack of active grille shutter

    Hybrid General Discussion
    I need your help:) I have Subaru XV Hybrid 2014 unfortunately after accident. I rebuilded them but without active grill shutter because motor was lost, so I couldn't rebuild them:( Hybrid system works fine. I've seen 2 faults on instruments (CHECK ENGINE and HILL assist). I connected...
  5. Model Year 2012 to 2017 Scheduled Maintenance Discrepancy?

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Coming up on 60k on my 2014 hybrid crosstrek. I'm trying to avoid the $700 charge from the stealership... My confusion is a discrepancy between the maintenance schedule listed on the dealership's website and my maintenance & warranty booklet that came with the car. One says replace the fuel...
  6. Model Year 2018 and Newer Subaru XV/Crosstrek Hybrid "Intelligent Boxer" announced in China

    Engine and Drivetrain
    At the Beijing autoshow in late April Subaru announced two Hybrid models for the Chinese market. This is not the plugin hybrid that is expected to hit the US market later this year. The new Forester and the XV/Crosstrek are available with the "Intelligent Boxer" technology. It adds an electric...
  7. Applies to all Model Years SSD Light bar install on 2014 XV Hybrid

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Well, I was almost positive that the SSD Performance light bar would be able to mount onto my hybrid Crosstrek... So I took a look at the front bumper and noticed that there are automated shutters that open and close where the light bar mounts. So I am not sure if I need to look for a different...
  8. Hello from Baltimore

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, My wife has a Crosstrek Hybrid from the 2014. It's been good so far but starting to see some troubles so figured I'd register here and find out what other people are experiencing. Cheers, GSP
  9. Hybrid Model Year 2014 to 2016 2014 Hybrid - Batteries versus Generator

    Hybrid Tech and Warranty Issues
    Hi All, We have a 2014 XV Crosstrek with 48K miles on it. Since I've found this forum, I've seen lots of posts about the Hybrid system throwing errors and causing a hard restart. But, I didn't see the posts before I took our car to the dealership. They said the Start/Generator required...
  10. Transmission whines when accelerating

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Is it normal for the automatic transmission to feel like the clutch is slipping when you press on the gas or when accelerating? I have a hybrid. I don't know if that matters.
  11. Is the Hybrid finished?

    Hybrid General Discussion
    I am about to p/u a new 2016 Black on Black Hybrid Touring. However, I just learned that new orders are no longer accepted by Subaru and when I spoke with the Subaru corporate office they said, "Subaru will return to the hybrid market in the future!" Therefore, would you go thru with the deal...
  12. XVHybrid-NewMember

    Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    New member fairly new owner of a Subaru. I'm really disappointed with the milage I am getting on my Hybrid. I feel I paid additional money for nothing. I hope someone can tell me how to get the milage up to where they advertise on the sticker. Also my radio/navigation screen is so bad I just...
  13. Hybrid Break-Even Point

    Hybrid Fuel Economy
    In a recent thread it was suggested that the break-even point for the hybrid vs gas was around 35,000 miles. I knew this could not possibly be right and hypothesized that it was probably closer to 350,000 miles. Today my curiosity got the better of me over my lunch break so I decided to...
  14. Hybrid Upper Tail Light (2014 vs. 2015)

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Has anyone else noticed that the design of the upper tail light changed a bit from 2014 to 2015? In 2014, the plastic around the light is clear, which I think looks really sleek. In 2015, they went to red plastic, which doesn't look as nice (IMO). It's not as noticeable due to the new...
  15. Plastidip & Hybrid-Specific Aesthetics

    Appearance and Body
    My hybrid hasn't arrived yet so I've been attempting to satisfy my Crosstrek hunger by browsing forums. My latest fascination is all of the pics people have posted of their plasti dipped crosstreks. I'm thinking I definitely want to do the back bumper in black. I think that looks really nice...
  16. Hybrid lifting

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Considering lifting my '14 hybrid by 2" (Primitive kit), any thoughts on that? Has anyone done it? Appreciate any input.
  17. 2014 hybrid vs 2015 outback eyesight or wait for 2015 hybrid?

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Any one have thoughts or opinions that test drove and made the choice between the 2014 hybrid, 2014 or 2015 outback with eyesight or are waiting for the 2015 hybrid announcement with a hope of better mileage?
  18. Air Conditioning with engine stopped

    Hybrid General Discussion
    I'm considering trading in my Outback for the XV Hybrid, and am currently doing my research. Is the A/C able to cool when the engine stops? If not, does the A/C automatically cycle off/on, or does the engine just never shut down when the A/C is on? TIA!
  19. Regenerative braking, brake pads, and maximizing efficiency

    Hybrid General Discussion
    Regarding regenerative braking, does anyone know if the brake pads immediately kick in when you depress the brake pedal or do they only kick in when the required braking power exceeds the braking capacity of the regenerative braking system? The reason I ask is it affects how I should drive to...